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Oppo find x5 pro review

Oppo's latest flagship Smartphone the oppo find x5 pro looks every part of the expensive powerful flagship there's a 6.5-inch display capable of topping out at 1 300 units of brightness that all runs at wqhd plus resolution there's also adaptive frame rates there's a new neural processing unit that opposed built in house expressly to improve low light performance from the cameras on this phone there are two 50 megapixel primary camera sensors there's a new but familiar-sounding collaboration with Hasselblad and there's even like before all that just look how shiny and pretty this phone looks so far this year oppo has already announced its own neuro processing unit built in house Mari silicon aimed expressly at improving image signal processing it's also revealed its intriguing attempts at foldable phones but no specific flagship no index phones at least until now that's all set to change at this week which is shaping up to be a relatively quiet mobile show barring any surprises from the likes of Huawei or Samsung which both also have their press events set for this week oppo could steal all the headlines if the phone is any good fortunately oppo has provided oppo find x5 pro for me to play with ahead of all those proceedings.

Oppo find x5 pro cameras

let's dive a little bit deeper the find x5 pro borrows some of the curves you might have seen in the find x3 from last year despite the fact that it's raised somewhat more there's currently a marginally inclining sliced to the camera unit on the back which implies it squeezes into your hand somewhat better while you're taking photographs or capturing video it also helps the phone stand out a little bit better aside from how incredibly shiny it is and yes it seems to be just as shiny in the white and black options in black it picks up fingerprints and smudges a little bit too easily for my liking but at least I’m not afraid of damaging it the oppo find x5 pro features a ceramic shell that takes apparently 168 hours to bake or create I’m not sure exactly how you describe ceramic production, yes the body of this telephone is obviously nanometer translucent pottery and that is an extremely intricate approach to saying it's truly intense it can oppose scratches up to 1200 HV which is a kind of measure of scratching that I've actually never heard of before for comparison stainless steel scores around 200 HV while diamond is around 11 000 hp

it's all just a very technical way of saying this shouldn't get scratched so easily and on the front don't worry there's gorilla glass victus for your safety I think oppo find x5 pro looks great it looks different it might not be as eye-catching or as divisive as the pixel 6 pro with its weird Cyclops visor but it at least looks different to the army of phones with their squarish camera arrays there's at least some originality here but that's accompanied by some familiar reliable specs it's another phone arriving with Qualcomm's snapdragon 8 generations 1 chip arguably the most powerful android chip on devices at the moment there's also a 5 000 milliamp-hour battery which is slightly larger than last year's oppo phone and bigger batteries are always welcome yeah no complaints here so let's move on to those cameras because they are truly significant for how oppo is outlining this gadget like its last record telephone oppo has decided to go with two fundamental sensors working pair they're both 50 megapixels yet they have marginally unique focal point structures and details.  

let's break down all these cameras first up at the top of the device there's an ultra-wide camera this features a freeform lens which should help reduce distortion at the edges of that ultra wide-angle the camera can apparently capture up to 110 degrees of view but that also means if you have a group of people sometimes you might have noticed that people on the outer periphery might have their faces distorted or just generally look a little bit out of shape literally this isn't aimed at fixing that.


at least a little bit it also has an f 2.2 aperture so that's one of the primary ones we should continue on toward the second one just underneath which really occupies more room since it highlights five-pivot optical picture adjustment and that just evidently occupies a great deal of room this one elements a f 1.7 gap with a glass and resin combination lens according to oppo using glass in just part of that lens array will improve color accuracy up to 77 which sounds pretty impressive and five-pivot optical picture adjustment is clear as crystal which implies that it will actually want to consistent for your own wobbles and just for the most part further develop what you're catching with the gadget in person ought to work on low light execution too and notwithstanding how much space it takes up there's as yet a zooming focal point also a 13-megapixel sensor fit for two-times optical zoom with an f 2.4 aperture there's also a spectral sensor that's been upgraded from 5 to 13 channels this is another bid by oppo to improve color accuracy and will improve the white balance modes inside all of the camera apps on the front there's a 32-megapixel selfie cam which now uses an RGB w pixel array.

this taps into the Mari silicon chip and helps the camera hopefully capture more accurate and more hopefully pleasant selfies the selfie camera will also monitor if you're looking at the device ensuring that whether you're scrolling or watching something for an extended period the phone won't magically switch off so that's half of the hardware story oppo debuted the marriage silicon x you chip in this new telephone during my preparation the organization strolled through how the chip empowers the capacity to offer night mode video catch even at 4k goal and with hdr turned on.

Oppo find x5 pro specs

what followed was a barrage of specs and numbers explaining exactly what oppo's homemade mpu is doing behind the scenes to make this possible but a great deal of it centers around imaging better and quicker signal handling and, surprisingly, further developed power proficiency which could be significant assuming you're catching a truckload of 4k substance following a couple of days.  

I think this is the grandstand camera include 4k ultra night video which is actually the thing oppo is calling its interpretation of low light video recording during the testing I've done so far it seems to work and help amplify detail and even the dimmest lighting situations at least so far but the mpu hasn't translated to 4k video eminently better than its opposition and oppo hasn't reported valuing yet so everything I can truly contrast it with is the most costly leaders out there in this model I've attempted it against the pixel 6 pro and yeah this pixel 6 pro kind of offers a better result  

google capture is seem a little bit more natural and a little less harsh than what oppo's processing seemed to do to dark environments foliage detail was a little too excessively brightened on the oppo find x5 pro to the point of turning grey it seemed to turn out some of the green which isn't exactly great color accuracy on that note the oppo find x5 pro also kicks off a new collaboration between oppo and Hasselblad which isn't quite so new and we've already kind of written about it when discussing one plus latest phones but for the sake of consistency let's go over what Hasselblad is adding here aside from cachet the phone's pro model offers users some Hasselblad seasoned fine-grain controls which will work pretty much exactly how they work on Hasselblad's own very expensive cameras that means a big orange shutter button and three Hasselblad approved filters.

now I can't exactly explain why I've often ridiculed filters in the past but I really like these Hasselblad filters there are three to choose from and they add some sort of, no doubt whatever oppo is paying to work with Has Hasselblad I think it was worth the effort only for these channels alone you even get x-dish mode which implies you can shoot video in 65 to 24 proportion I won't allow you to figure it out don't concern it's simply an exceptionally realistic long perspective proportion I have a couple of clasps to tell you here and for reasons, I can't explain I really like this too now with corporate overlap and shared resources oneplus and oppo is more firmly adjusted than any other time so it's not immensely unexpected for see programming cross-over like this yes you additionally get Hasselblad's normal variety arrangement where the organization has attempted to imitate the variety exactness of its very expensive cameras into these smartphone sensors and to be honest coming from several oneplus phones in the past

it was very simple for me to will corn meal with oppo's camera units since there was such a lot of shared DNA even at this early review stage oppo is basically saving a few astonishments for its big mwc reveal unfortunately they include pricing and availability and having said that it's pretty unlikely you'll be able to find the find x5 pro in us at least judging from previous devices from the company and that is, unfortunately, something you might be hearing a lot of at this year's mwc we'll be updating our story which is on techskynews.com  thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.

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