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Russia's invasion of Ukraine, social media companies have devised

Kayf: Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, social media companies have devised important strategies to block the passage of Russian forces.

According to a foreign news agency, Google has blocked Russian platforms Russia Today Channel and Sputnik News Agency's YouTube channels in Europe, while SnapChat, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have also banned the ad.

According to reports, the social networking site SnapChat has taken a step further by banning all commercial advertisements on its website in neighboring Belarus.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Earlier, Google had shut down the Google Maps service to prevent Russian forces from entering Ukraine, while Facebook had blocked Russian state media from placing ads on its platform.

On the other hand, President Putin has issued an order that Russian citizens cannot take more than,10000 dollar abroad. Russia's economy has been hit hard by Western economic sanctions, and the Russian currency, the ruble, has fallen.

It should be noted that Russian forces launched a military operation in the east of Ukraine on Thursday morning, February 24. This has led to the outbreak of World War III.

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