Top 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2022 & 10 BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO & Best Google Keywords Tool

Top 10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2022
Best Free Keyword Research Tools

We are going to consider the 10 best free keyword research tools that we will say we use the most and which we also use for various reasons. We wanted to list each best free keyword research tool individually in the beginning because we assume that people want to know what are the 10 best keyword research tools that we believe you should know about these best free keyword research tools. You will be able to find everything you need.

We will go through them very quickly one by one just consider some different examples for which you can use them but hopefully, this is helpful when you are making a list of your keywords even if this search engine optimization even if you are just trying to find. New content ideas will all help you when you use these best free keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner

We'll first get started with Google's Keyword Planner, which is available through Google Advertising. A free keyword research tool when you do have a Google ads account so you're going to need a Google ad account to get started and you also unlock all of the data from the keyword planner when you're running an active Google ads campaign so in order to find the keyword planner you can either go to the link directly so it's aw slash keyword planner or when you sign in to your Google ads account and you go to tools and settings come to planning and click on the keyword planner from the top menu now once you're here what you want to do is click on discover new keywords and you can either start with keywords here to find a bunch of long-tail keywords related to whatever you enter you can enter up to 10 keywords at a time or you can start with a website so both features are really great when you are looking for more keywords.

For example, you use the word WordPress, you want to find keywords related to WordPress, so just a simple example, enter the keywords you can enter up to 10 and click Do Now when the results come out it will show that when you search you can increase your search to the top. They will have some suggested keywords at the top. Here you can refine your keywords from the right. There is a lot of information for you if you are looking for some different ideas.

when you going to click the x and refine keywords for right now but if you scroll down it's going to sort keywords by relevance and you can see all these different keywords there related to WordPress so it's a great way to understand what people are researching when it does come to WordPress you can use filters so you can make sure that keyword text contains WordPress or a specific word that you want you can sort by average monthly searches to make sure that there's either a certain amount of average monthly searches so what you can do is if you just click on average monthly searches there you can get an idea of overall search volume.

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So as you scroll down you can see some of the top keywords related to WordPress now the other thing you can do is you can build your keyword plan and actually build a Google ads campaign through the keyword planner. We can start with a website and we can either use a specific page or use an entire website.

So one of the biggest websites related to WordPress is so we can use the whole website to get results click and it will show us the most popular keywords and their website Are the most relevant keywords for so you can see the average here. Monthly search If we go to a keyword only in terms of relevance then you can see some of the different keywords that they have and filters will come from here so you would like to say let's make sure Make sure the average monthly search is at least 100. Click on Apply and now get rid of some of them Only 10 monthly searches.

 So you can see that there are only a WordPress keyword and a ton of keywords to enter a website, so if you are looking for ideas then based on the products or services you are offering. Enter your top keywords here and enter a competitor's website here. A pair of competing websites to find new keywords is therefore the number one Google word planner. This is the keyword tool we use the most.

Keywords Everywhere

now the next two tools we going to go over back-to-back because they're both extensions that you can install for chrome for keywords everywhere you can install for Firefox as well we using Google chrome so that's the example we going to use so first is keywords everywhere the next one is keyword surfer so this is available through keyword server extension you can add it to chrome completely free now there are these tools each do different things but when you do go to Google and let's just we search WordPress and Google at the very top where you're going to see powered by surfer this shows me the average monthly search for WordPress and then the average cost per click for Google Advertising campaigns for WordPress so on the right side where you will see a lot of information now these two tools have payment options. We're not going to go over any of the payment options here but their free versions are great in themselves so if you scroll down you can see the overall trend data of WordPress over time so it is falling but Still a very popular keyword and then as you keep coming. Below this will be the word surfer on the right side.

we want to first show you keywords everywhere so you'll see the different logos here this is the keywords everywhere logo first it's going to show trending keywords there's only one here it's going to show related keywords so this gives us a total of eight different keywords and then my favorite thing is the long-tail keywords at the bottom so if we're searching for WordPress you can see all of these are different long-tail keywords and what we can do at the very top of Google is click on find long-tail keywords for WordPress and it's going to show us a ton of different keywords that people are typing in related to WordPress

now next we love about keywords everywhere is you can go to something like YouTube and when you're on YouTube we can do a search for WordPress and up at the very top here there's find YouTube keywords for WordPress and then we also have some search insights there as well so if we do find YouTube keywords for WordPress we're gonna see the same exact thing and it's gonna pull up the most popular WordPress keywords so it helps you find a ton of different keywords now the paid option will give you search volume and you will get more information from the paid option of keywords everywhere but the other two things you can do and we're going to switch up our example a little bit here just because WordPress doesn't work as well is

Then you go to and you will search for camping. You can click on search for Amazon keywords for camping and this is going to open the same page that you keep reserved for Amazon so that you to find some of the top keywords related to it. Camping and then you can do the same thing on Pinterest then you can do the same camping on Pinterest that you click on the search for title ideas you will see the same page so that the keyword research everywhere I go is basically what I did.

if you are working on an article or if you are working on something specific you love to search in Google click on find long-tail keywords there or just scroll down and look at the list of long-tail keywords and see if there's anything you also do this when you are looking up youtube tags you just try to find some different long-tail keywords for whatever topic you are covering

Keyword Surfer

Now keyword surfer so coming back over going over the third tool here keyword surfer what you do like about this one is if you scroll up a little bit

So they give you ideas for different keywords. There are 93 keyword ideas. They give you some search volume and they match the keyword to the keyword you entered above. ۔ Different ideas give you a total of 93 ideas so you just want to extract the ones that are most relevant to the content that you can create another thing that you like. If you click generate article outline then they are basic. Going as take a look at all the different pages that are ranked high in Google and they are going to give you some different ideas that you can use in your article.

So you don't want to use their exact layout but some different things. There are six reasons to use WordPress in 2022: how to get a free wordpress site now it will not be perfect so you may want to say that free How to create a site. The aspects of WordPress that are not free so if we keep coming here there are a lot of different ideas that you can see if you are creating an article then different keywords will work great for it so just Want to go to it for keywords. By surfing you can create articles that show you the average volume of monthly searches and some of the estimated bids for Google ads are fine.


The next tool is going to be Soovle so and with this one when you enter a word here or multiple words it's going to look at the long tail keywords basically the auto complete search suggestions for Google so you can see the logos in the background here you have Google you have Amazon you have yahoo you have bing there's youtube over here answers and then they also have a Wikipedia section but you use swivel a lot when you are writing content because if you're looking for some different ideas for example if you are writing about WordPress hosting what you can do is look at some of these different keyword ideas here

so WordPress hosting cost-free WordPress hosting providers so aws if you keep scrolling down so Bluehost so just some different ideas that you can use so with cdn a content delivery network so it gives you a bunch of different ideas for long-tail keywords and I think suitable is the best as you are creating content to find more ideas

Google Search Console

now next is going to be the google search console so what you want to do when you do create a website is add your website to the google search console you can use google tag manager or google analytics to actually authenticate your website

you can look at your website and you can see how many clicks how many impressions your average click-through rate and your average position for any period of time through google so it gives you a ton of information about how your website is actually performing in google and then as we scroll down you can see the top search queries that are driving clicks and impressions to your website we could look at our top pages here and see what pages are driving clicks and impressions and if we scroll down here this is giving us a thousand keywords

so if you look at 500 keywords you can see there are a ton of different ideas and this is really helpful as you're looking for what keywords are driving traffic to your website and then the other thing that you can do is if you click on specific pages so  you click on this farmhouse betting page and go back over to queries and you scroll down it's going to show which search terms are driving the most traffic so clicks and the most impressions so it gives you some different ideas.

this is showing you 899 different keywords for a single page that have gotten clicks and impressions or at least impressions so Google search console this year but it's a great free tool offered by Google to see how you're performing in the search results.

Google Trends

The next tool here is Google trends if we scroll down they have some examples at the top they have the year in search 2021 so you could see Google trends data for last year

if you scroll down they have recently trended as well so this is a great place to be if you're looking for ideas if you are covering news they're going to give you a ton of trending searches and you can find even more here now what you did like here is if we do enter a search term like WordPress we click on enter so we have WordPress the search term it's going to show us interest over time so this is from last year to this year if you scroll down you can see interest by region so this might be useful depending on the keywords you're targeting they have related topics

now what you can see here is related toppings they show rising and top you don't generally use rising because sometimes it's showing basically for google trends so it's showing you which topics are actually showing more relevancy towards whichever keyword you entered but let's just say click on top you could see WordPress website plugin theme web hosting so some different topics that are related to the keyword same thing with related search queries so some of these aren't really overly relevant to our keyword, for example, Reddit soccer streams

so if you scroll down you click on top again you can see it's going to give you 25 different search terms that are highly relevant to the one that you entered and then the other thing you can do is if we scroll to the top there so we have WordPress you want to compare this with Shopify and you can add another comparison we'll just say Wix so you're looking at three different search terms and you can actually see the interest over time in the different search terms and it's going to give you some more information so it's showing the compared breakdown by subregion WordPress Shopify Wix interest for each of them as you scroll down the other thing that you like is that it breaks it out each individual keyword that you entered so it gives you the interest by subregion for that keyword and then related search terms you could look at rising and top as well

 so google trends is a great free tool to give you a ton of information about any keyword that you enter and you can also use it to find breaking news and whatever stories or keywords are actually trending currently

The next keyword tool is the and there is a keyword tool pro here so this is a free and premium tool but what you like is they have different search engines here so you have google youtube bing amazon eBay play store Instagram and Twitter so if you're looking up WordPress here you can see there's a ton of different keywords one of the things you do like is  

they show you alphabetical keywords which keywords everywhere does as well but as you come here you can see some of these at the very top are the most popular keywords and then right when you get here to WordPress admin it's starting to show us different keywords basically in alphabetical order so if you're looking at each letter of the alphabet you can see WordPress admin alternatives those are very popular keywords as you get into b so backup blog themes block editor so you can see some different keywords alphabetical and as you get into each individual letter from a b to c it'll show you the most popular keywords at the top so just a great tool that you can use for google youtube bing for example you can come to the play store here so it's showing WordPress mobile app WordPress blog app course dashboard what you can do here is enter something like a puzzle and it's going to give you 139 unique keywords related to the play store so as we come down you can see exactly what people are typing in specifically for the play store so it's a great way to look up different keywords for different search engines because a lot of times we just optimize for google but you cannot buy us for youtube as well for amazon depending on what it is you're selling.

AppTweak Keyword Suggest Tool

Now looking at the play store is going to bring us into our next keyword tool which is apptweak the keyword suggest tool so they automatically enter play here you can search the app store or the google play store you can change your country here you can change your language click on suggest and they're gonna give us a ton of keywords again in alphabetical order so you can see exactly what people are typing in to continue on to our other example before we'll enter puzzle here click on suggest and it loaded so you can see some of the top keywords there related to puzzle

so you can see right here these are very popular puzzle keywords and then as you're looking for some different ideas if you're creating a puzzle app you might be able to make sure you create a puzzle based on some keyword that you're seeing here so gives you free keyword suggestions for the apple store and the google play store so let's come over next one is answering the public so this is a very popular tool they do have a premium version and they only offer two or three total searches per day so if we come in here and you just enter WordPress again

Answer the Public

so you're searched WordPress and clicked on search so you'll scroll down it gave you 391 results for WordPress and what you like about answering the public is they give questions they have prepositions comparisons and alphabetical so they have a lot of visual data here so you can look up specific words that people ask basically about WordPress and you can use these to answer questions now you just using data I think it's just easier to read but you can see our WordPress plugins free our WordPress website's good can WordPress host my domain can WordPress handle heavy traffic these are different questions that you can answer within your content and then as we scroll down here you can see prepositions so WordPress for beginners for windows for business as you can see here there's a bunch of different keywords that you can target so next is going to be comparisons so WordPress and Shopify WordPress or Wix WordPress or Squarespace WordPress or Shopify these are all good topics that you could easily target with content and then at the very bottom you get alphabetical keywords so just using answer the public you have 391 different results and it's a great way to expand on the content that you're already creating okay


last but not least is keyword it so the keyword is a unique keyword research tool it's the Reddit keyword research tool and what you do is you enter the name of a subreddit below so right there you're going to enter the name of a subreddit so if you use WordPress okay

so you can see you have a WordPress subreddit you click on get keywords what this is actually going to do is extract keywords from the specific subreddit that you entered so you did WordPress you scroll down you can see a bunch of different keywords there and what you like about keyword it is they have a bunch of unique keywords that don't always include the main search term that you entered or the main subreddit that you entered so, for example, you can see advanced custom fields clear DNS cache google analytics code so these can all be different keywords that you can relate to WordPress and a lot of times in Reddit people are asking questions about these things so you can say how to avoid brute force attacks with WordPress if we're looking up there what is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin

so all you need to do is come up to the top here enter any subreddit so there are marketing subreddits there are basically subreddits about any topic so you just want to enter that here get keywords and it's going to pull out keywords that people are actually searching and then the other thing you can do is click on context so if you click on the context you could see they have which free WordPress themes to use what's a good free theme for WordPress so they're basically pulling up the conversations that people had that use this keyword so there's a ton of different information that you can use and then you also get monthly search volume on the very top of it so a ton of different ideas here using these different free keyword research tools

google keyword planner is my favorite free keyword research tool you can enter a single keyword you can enter multiple keywords you can enter competitor websites you can enter specific pages and find every relevant keyword you need to keywords everywhere a great extension to install on chrome and you can find keywords for a ton of different search engines keyword surfer gives you additional data about average monthly search volume what people are actually bidding in google ads suitable I like to use

if you are writing an article and you looking for basically what people are typing in and related to whatever you writing about google search console you can see how your website is performing in the google search results google trends what is trending some related keywords there as well gives you a ton of information from different search engines app tweak keyword suggest tool perfect for finding keywords for specific app stores and then answer the public you can see you entered just WordPress it gave you 391 different questions prepositions and alphabetical keywords last but not least keyword is going to extract keywords from a specific subreddit so different keyword research tools for different tasks if you have any questions about these please leave them in the comments section thanks.

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