Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Introduction and Information & Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra First Impressions


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

We're still going to give you our first tech news because I haven't really had much time with this thing but it's probably a great tablet. The biggest tablet you are going to see in the market so far has at least one user competing with the iPad so you can see the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14.6 inch data link cable, quick start guide Samsung The terms are also included.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra First Impressions

A pen inside the box now the amazing thing about this tablet is that the box is so thin that it tells you that maybe you are going to have a very thin tablet.

When you open the box you can see that Samsung is the first thing that immediately impresses me on how incredibly thin it is. It feels very thin here and also very light so and it's super light too so even being that it's a super large tablet right here this thing is also incredibly light it's like about 1.5 pounds

 so it doesn't weigh much for the actual size of this thing and that's pretty dope so this does come only in graphite right now and right now they're already backed up until April we do have a dual-camera setup we'll talk more about that later you'll charge the s pen on here and then over here.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra display

Here is the massive display and I already put a screen protector on it this thing is too pricey to take those chances you can see right there we do have a power button as well as our volume rockers but the man holding this thing in the hand it is a giant of a tablet let me go ahead and turn this thing on really quickly and we'll take a look at what else comes in the box so there's your Samsung Galaxy tablet right there secured by nox so like a very big version of the galaxy s22 ultra you can see this black s pen very nice and this is the larger s pen for things like a tablet or something like that it's not the skinnier one you'll find in the phone it's a much larger s pen.

I find it to be really amazing to have all this extra screen space to write with the s pen or draw now here's what else comes in the box you do get yourself the warranty guide and stuff like that and you also find yourself the data link cable in here so there you go you have yourself the USB right there sim card tool you'll need that to get you to your expandable memory it does have expandable memory which is nice it's a little bit of a better thing over the galaxy s22 series which doesn't have that so that's a nice thing all right.

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when you closer look at this tablet so first of all you're presented with this gorgeous super large 14.6 dynamic AMOLED display so essentially what you're getting here is a display that is the size of holding a TV in your hand now it's actually more like a laptop display without the keyboard but they are offering a book cover keyboard which mine is delayed until like march 18th so I won't be able to show you that today and you can see that there's just so much space here now it's kind of hard to get a sense of scale it might just look like an s8 plus but I assure you this is not just a plus-size tablet this is an ultra-size tablet.

this is the iPad m1 and you can see just how much more space there is on there now the iPad is still a chunky beast this 12.9-inch iPad let me bring it down but you could see it's definitely bigger than that so this is one of the largest displays you're gonna find on the market probably the largest tablet right now so very big screen if you're into that kind of stuff which a lot of people are now I will tell you one thing another thing that's pretty cool about this is you can have that triple split-screen thing going on like you could do for the fold for example.

When you open the screen you will see a calculator and another application about Google News and you will see that you have three things running at a time. You can also move them in such a way that you flip them over, go ahead, and click on them. There's a lot going on here and by the way, I see just outside the gate that this tablet is smoother and has fewer hiccups than the Galaxy S22 Ultra so it's ready to go. Is smooth of the box so it's ready to go it's pretty darn smooth right out of the box.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra features

I do like that about this right away now you'll see in display settings you'll also get the ability to change between high motion smoothness and standard vivid modes it's just like the galaxy Smartphone here but within a tablet base so they basically blow up the galaxy Smartphone and put it on a tablet here and then you have your advanced features just like the Smartphone same stuff you still have Samsung decks on here which is a lot more useful on something like the galaxy tab s8 ultra just because there's a lot more of an expansive real estate to go ahead and use these applications and it'll especially be useful when you do have the keyboard book cover and stuff like that. so this is definitely close to a laptop replacement especially if you don't need a laptop-based program so definitely amazing right here what you can do I just can't wait to get the keyboard on hand but my first impressions are a man this thing is really fun however it's still going to be held back by one thing and that's the android based OS which definitely has some issues with apps not being properly scaled and optimized for this tablet so that's going to be its Achilles heel that's the thing if you're wondering is there anything wrong with it since you're praising it over there that's what you're going to notice right away I’ve already opened some applications and they don't scale right they don't they're not optimized correctly but Samsung does a good job overall of really making this feel like.

it was well made well-polished mostly because they're working on their own 1ui skin to make sure this is a great experience and overall it's a pretty great experience it's like ninety percent great and then like the other ten percent the issue is just that it needs to be a little bit more optimized with certain applications which are not really Samsung’s fault another thing.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Battery and Storage

I could tell you right away that the battery life on this thing is darn good 11 200 milliamp-hour battery stuff in this skinny product gives you all-day battery life for sure. I'm not gonna say what heavy use is going to go more than a day if you're doing medium use, yeah but heavy use is probably about a day on the charge so pretty good overall battery life happy with that very smooth as well lots of space to put your widgets on here and gaming might be a joy for some of you who really like to game on a much larger screen this does have around eight gigs of ram so that gives it plenty of rams to go ahead and get your gaming eye and get your multitasking on so let's go ahead and check just to be sure how much ram I got here so mine came with 12 gigabytes of ram because I went with the 256 gig storage.

you can get it with 12 gigs as well if you need a little bit more now on the back you do have a 13-megapixel camera on the back of there as well as a 6-megapixel ultra-wide 4k 60 recording as well on there and of course, you're gonna get a lot of that Samsung like features to flip it over to the back like you'll find you have pro video single take a night shot a lot for a tablet but not quite as packed but these cameras they don't look nearly as good as the Smartphone.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra front view and camera

If you're noticing something Samsung did put a little bit of a notch up here but it's very minor and I’m not saying they get a pass because you know I’m complaining about notches on other Smartphone but it's not really obtrusive it's kind of small actually you don't really notice it on such a large display but I still would have preferred a punch hole but the reason why that's there is that they do have this ultra-wide camera on the front as well so if you're into video chatting video calling look how much space I mean gee you could get like three people in there. definitely a very large a very wide field of view right there for this tablet another thing to note is it does come with this fingerprint sensor right there so nice under-display this is of the optical variety so they didn't go with the ultrasonic like you'll find on the phone so it's a little bit cheaper but still does the job and it will charge on a 45-watt charger as well so that's pretty cool now when you put in this view it's like this massively long canvas and I don't know why you would use it like this but if you do you got yourself like the most giant Smartphone of all time right here the galaxy tab s8 ultra and yes you could use this as a phone because you can link it up with your phone and a lot of the transferring can be done just like you would do an iPhone to an iPad.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Samsung Mobile Phones

You can do the Samsung phone with the quick share to the Samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra so a lot of great sharing abilities here overall there's not really much else to talk about it's a beautiful big OLED display tablet from Samsung that does give you the ability to work from home and have a nice work and play balance here with some of the best media viewings you're ever going to find it's massive but I will say one thing it's very thin and it kind of needs something to hold itself on and I'm a little disappointed that they didn't ship the keyboard cover right now because it's kind of pointless right now you'll need a tablet stand or something this is not something that gets that's super comfortable to hold as a tablet it's more like something you'll want to prop up like something like a surface or you know like a surface tablet has that little stand in the back you'll want to stand or some kind of keyboard case this thing is pretty huge so that's it for me on my first impressions Unboxing I'm pretty happy with it it's pretty amazing product right here and if you haven't had a Samsung tablet before you will definitely probably enjoy this because this thing is fast it's got a beautiful display it's got pretty good software with the one UI it's going to be updated for several years to come in addition to that it has really good battery life.

there are not really any issues with it so far it's glitchy nothing like that everything runs pretty smooth I gotta say it's a really good offering if you're into you know having a really large tablet to do your media viewing and maybe get some work done while you're at it it's a very good overall package however it is pricey it's gonna cost you over a thousand dollars like it's around 11.99 so if you're looking for you know a more of a value-based tablet and consider at that price you could get a laptop but again this is not really competing with a laptop it's safer for the person who wants that powerful tablet great product to launch right now when we're still doing a lot of remote-based work working from home and things like that if you want to see more content on this tablet right here so connect with us.

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